Manifesting a Collaborative Vision for a New Earth

Revendicating the Promise of the Declaration of Independence and Convening Jural Assemblies

Do you consider yourself an activist? Are you engaged in raising your consciousness? Are you a conscious evolutionary?  Do you have a spiritual or religious practice?  Are you participating in the movement to reclaim the promise of the Declaration of Independence and Common Law?  Are you actively exploring how to live a life of service, voluntarily as inspired?  Are you aware of the power of intention?

If any of these descriptions resonate with you, you may like to participate in the seminar we are co-creating to manifest the society that we know in our hearts is possible. 

We are in the process of evaluating the Seminar we completed
in the third week of June.  The next iteration will result from your interest!  Please send an email to indicate your interest.

In this seminar, we will explore insights into ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience, consciousness as prime, and the world being as we dream it.  We will look at the ways in which our human nature is distorted by how the government, the legal system, and the monetary system currently function.  We will explore all of the social technologies that exist and are freely available for our use, such as:


  1. Governing ourselves using Consent-Based Decision-Making;

  2. Establishing Jural Assemblies as our justice system based on Natural Law with its maxim of Do No Harm and a Jury of Your Peers; 

  3. Using Community-Created Credit for our monetary system.  


We will also explore what conscious evolutionaries do to self-actualize so as to be integrated collaborators and co-creators. 


These are some of the ideas, methods, and processes we will explore to create the communities of our dreams.

By January 23, 2022, 25 people have committed to 40 hours from Mid-January through March 2022 to meet together on a secure video conferencing platform based on a schedule we have agreed on. We are collaboratively creating a cohort of sacred activists to ground our collaborative vision into a new society, a life empowering ‘Ideal Universal Society’, based on the insights and wisdom we are developing together.

The Seminar is explained in greater detail on the Seminars tab in the menu above.  We are taking applications for the next cohort to go through the process we are currently engaged in.  We consider this first seminar to be a pilot, so you will benefit from our learning in the next one!