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JR Passport Photo 2020.jpg
John G Root Jr, President

Back in 2009, John conducted a seminar over a 12 week period (about 40 hours) with 15 committed participants to explore the nature of money and money as the primary tool the sovereign uses to create the conditions in which we live.  Our conclusion was that if we, the people, were sovereign, we would create a Just Abundance! 

Rose Passport 3.jpg
Roseanna E Stanley, Treasurer

Rose is John's wife, but before that, she became the Treasurer of Just Abundance because she saw that it needed firm guidance as far as its finances were concerned.  She keeps track of donations and expenses in a timely fashion and keeps the organization grounded and compliant.

MSA photo_2.jpg
Margaret Arndt, Administrator

Margaret has been collaborating with John since we created "Credit to the People" together in 2010.  She is the administrator of most of our common projects and keeps excellent notes.  She is a wonderful facilitator of meetings and she has a gentle but firm hand in keeping the organization on track.


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