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Creating Self-Governing Communities Seminar

Join us in learning how to

Restore the promise of the Declaration of Independence, 

Be self-governing, and 

Co-create the World We Know in Our Hearts is Possible!



The following is our invitation to our Pilot Seminar in 2022.

Participate in collaborative education on the following themes:


Revendicating the promise of the Declaration of Independence;  The History;  The Law;  Self-Governance;  The Monetary System;  The Justice System;  Jural Assemblies;  Qualified Electors and Oath;  and Creating a Collaborative Colleagueship capable of Co-creating the World We Know in our Hearts is Possible. 


When: 40 hours at times we determine together.

Introduction: The Next Introduction will be announced on the Home Page when ready.

Beginning of the Seminar:   When we have enough participants signed up!

Where: On Zoom   


Cost: Donation 


For further information and to rsvp for the Introduction, contact: Margaret, or call John Root 413 329-3200, or the person who invited you.


Seminar Purpose


The purpose of this educational seminar is to prepare the participants to establish consent-based self-governing jural assembly communities in every county in the country. 


By coming together we will become well versed in revendicating the promise of the Declaration of Independence (without ambiguities) by generating the ideas and the relationships that assure our success in establishing jural assemblies in the county where we live.  We will learn together how to collaborate honorably based on respectful dialogue and active consent-based decision-making.

Together we will co-create the World We Know in our Hearts is Possible!



Purpose:  Create a cohort of competent visionaries and activists with a common understanding of what is necessary to realize the promise of the Declaration of Independence and create life-empowering consent-based self-governing Jural Assembly Communities in every county in the country as the basis for creating the world we know in our hearts is possible. 


Vision:  Self-Governing Jural Assembly Communities is based on the ongoing active consent of the people to secure and protect the unalienable equal rights the laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle us.  Jural Assembly Communities create governance of the people, by the people, and for the people to assure that everyone is at Liberty to act as they feel called to, as long as they do no harm; issue the money as the primary tool of the sovereign to fund what we agree would be good; and administer justice based on the venerable tradition of the Common Law of the Land.   


The Union of Jural Assembly Communities creates the life-empowering nation and society we know in our hearts we desire, by assuring Liberty, Justice, and Prosperity for all.


Overview of the Seminar

  1. Explore one’s self, our inherent nature, how consciousness is prime, and the world is as we dream it. 

  2. Use the Zodiac and “personality tests” such as Myers Briggs, Enneagram, and Kingdomality to understand ourselves and one another better.

  3. Discover together how to fully respect and value the differences between us, collaborate on standards in working together, and practice ‘presencing’, ‘Bohm Dialogue’, and compassionate ‘nonviolent communication’ (NVC).

  4. Acknowledge ‘The Gap’, taking responsibility for our interpretations and choices.

  5. Discover how a clear purpose can orient, align, and inspire us, and identify what we are committed to and have to offer. 

  6. Learn the history of corruption, including the banking and law Cartels as the hidden sovereign, and how they usurped the Ten Commandments and Common Law.

  7. Declare the causes that impel us to ‘the separation’ from business as usual and the powers that be.  “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to 1) dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to 2) assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should 3) declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” -  From the Declaration of Independence

  8. Elucidate our unalienable rights that ‘the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God’ endow us.

  9. Elucidate the best ideas for establishing, securing, and protecting our unalienable rights.

  10. Determine the extent to which everyone needs to be learned in the law to secure liberty and establish justice.

  11. Determine if we need to be qualified electors learned in the law and accountable to an oath to secure our liberty and adjudicate harm?

  12. Do we need an explicit compact among the people?

  13. Discover together what it means to co-create de Jure consent-based self-governance.

  14. Practice co-creating self-governing jural assemblies of qualified electors learned in “Restorative Justice” and common law, to adjudicate harm.

  15. Discover together how best to establish and create Common Law juries with courts of record and lawful enforcement.

  16. Discover how ‘love one’s neighbor as oneself’ and ‘do no harm’ are foundational liberating principles.

  17. Is ‘do no harm’ all the law we need? What constitutes harm? How is this determined?

  18. Comprehend issuing money as the primary tool the people use to create the conditions in which we, the people, desire to live.

  19. Learn how to issue a lawful sovereign medium of exchange, and decide together what to issue it for.

  20. Support each other in Co-creating the World We Know in our Hearts is Possible!


We are asking you to commit 40 hours from Mid January through March 2023 to meet together on a secure video conferencing platform based on a schedule we agree on. We aim to collaboratively create a cohort of sacred activists to ground our collaborative vision into a new society, a life empowering ‘Ideal Universal Society’, based on the insights and wisdom we will develop together.






The Union Team has been meeting weekdays from 10 AM to Noon EST since March 2021.

Current members who have actively consented to this document and will be presenters in the seminar are: John Root (MA), Margaret (MA) (scribe and administrator), Dave (CA), Niki (PA), Michele (MA) (facilitator), Darlene (IN), Keith (OH). Other presenters: Brad (MA), Marilyn (MN), Bill (GrayWolf), and other participants with specialized knowledge.

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