Proposed Syllabus for the 'Creating Self-Governing Communities' Internet Seminar


We began sending out the invitation for the first seminar in December, 2021, and received responses both on the website and by mail up until the end of the second week of January, 2022.  The first meeting was held the second week of January, 2022 for two hours at which time we introduced ourselves to each other.  We then agreed various times for the 40 hours and used the poll feature of Zoom to collaborate on a schedule.  We will offered the options of:  20 two-hour sessions on two weekday evenings, and 4 ten-hour sessions over a period of 4 weekends.  We decided on two to three hours on Sunday Evenings with a few all day Saturday deep dives.


The Syllabus for the 40 hours is an introduction to the “Creating Self-Governing Communities” Seminar as the basis for manifesting a Collaborative Wholism*, what we read was the intention of those who penned the Declaration of Independence. Emphasis will be on understanding ourselves and the role of consciousness and its many aspects.  Each module in this version of the syllabus is two hours, assumes that we will have 20 people in attendance, and that we can break out into four groups of 5 with the leaders/facilitators being John, Margaret, Michele, Niki, and Darlene.

*the theory that whole entities have an existence other than as the mere sum of their parts.


The first module - Overview and Purpose


  1. is a high elevation overview presentation by John and team about how and why the only way to get what you desire is to create it. Basically the Invite, but with more detail. 

     i.      Consciousness as Prime and Self-Knowledge as Key

     ii.     The World being as We Dream it 

     iii.    With everything being possible, what do I envision as The World We Know in Our Hearts is Possible?

     iv.    What do I see to be the obstacles?

     v.     What do I see to be the solutions for addressing those obstacles?

     vi.    What solutions am I committed to achieving and manifesting?

    vii.    What actions am I committed to in manifesting The World We Know in Our Hearts is Possible?

60 mins

 2. addresses the systemics of our current paradigm and the proposed systemics for a new paradigm: 

     i. systemics of our current paradigm

        - The distortions and corruptions in the three domains of Governance, Economics, and Culture, i.e. life, liberty, and the           

           pursuit of happiness

        - Some of the relevant history that led to the penning of the Declaration of Independence

        - The nature of the law and banking cartels

        - Rivalrous tribalism

    ii. proposed systemics for a new paradigm

        - Equality/Justice in Governance through Consent-based Self-Governance and Decision-Making

        - Accurately Identifying and Redressing Grievances (Non-violent Communication (NVC), Restorative Justice, Redress Form) 

        - Cooperation/Collaboration in Economics through Community-created Credit

        - Giving us Freedom in Culture

        - Honoring the Necessity of Freedom in Culture

        - Collaborative Wholism

60 mins

 3. This leads to formulating the aim/purpose of the Seminar. Suggest: “Create a Colleagueship and Common Consciousness out of

     which to inspire we, the people, to form Jural Assemblies as self-governing communities that issue community-created credit to

     create the conditions in which we desire to live.”  

     - This is both an eliciting/soliciting activity and 

     - answering questions.  

20 mins


The second module - Working Together


  1. Introduction to consent-based decision-making.  John 15 mins.

  2. Confirm or make more concise our aim/purpose, which is what leads us.  

  3. Identify and describe roles. 

  4. Engage the selection process of roles with evaluation criteria and timeframe

     - Confirm John as “Leader” for the first 10 modules, evaluate by level of engagement by the participants.

     - Confirm Margaret as scribe and administrator for the duration, evaluate at end of seminar

     - Choose a facilitator including the time period and evaluation criteria. 

45 mins

  1. Propose that we all take the Myers-Briggs personality test and share the results in the next session. Consider including this along with our astrological birth, rising, and moon signs, and our likely Enneagram personality type.

     - Discussion about why, led by Niki

     - Work creatively with any objections by dialoguing one’s opinion. 

     - Consent round

60 mins


The third module - Self-Knowledge as the basis for Self-Actualization and Colleagueship


  1. Introduction to Self-Actualization

     - Address Shifting from ego to “Essence”

     - Address “Presencing” and “Awakened Doing”

     - Personal goals for self-knowing and self-actualization

     - Establishing personal and collective Purpose, Vision, and Mission (PVM) statements to align our thoughts and actions

     - Break out rooms of five people to share 

     - Each group pick one person to share with the whole group

60 mins

  2. The importance of colleagueship 

      - Address "Collective Presencing" and “Bohm Dialog”/"Goethean Conversation"

      - Propose and agree on standards, such as “Commitment before ego”, “Foster Harmonious Relations”, “Respect the differences”,          “Acknowledge The Gap”.

      - Share the results of our personality tests.

      - Explore “Respecting the differences”.

60 mins


Now we are ready to plan the rest of the modules 

  1. Purpose/Aim

  2. What is most important?

  3. For ideas, go here.

30 mins

For a Google Doc of the current draft of the seminar syllabus, click on the Syllabus button: