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Join us for the 'Creating Self-Governing Communities' Seminar by filling out the following Seminar Commitment Form.  


Copy and print or use this Google Form, which helps with the administration of the seminar.

Seminar Commitment Form

This document and all information contained in it will be held in strictest confidence and used only by the administrator to contact you and determine with you what information you are willing to share.


My Commitment to my fellow participants in the Seminar:


1.  I, 

(Please type or print your name)


have read and comprehend the intent of the Overview and am largely in agreement with it.


2.  I have specialized knowledge of _____________________________________________________________________________

and would be willing and able to share it as appropriate during the seminar.


3.  I am fully committed to respectful dialogue and behaving honorably and with integrity during the seminar.


4.  I commit to learning active consent-based decision-making and to being an active and engaged participant in the Seminar. 


5.  I agree to share aspects of my biography and I agree to take the Myers Briggs personality test to understand myself and others better. 


6.  I am committed to supporting my colleagues in the seminar as we convene Jural Assemblies and learn how to issue a sovereign currency.


Signed with honor and integrity





Email and Telephone:


I was invited by: _____________________________________________________________ 

Join us by filling out the Seminar Commitment Form. You could use the Google Form Application or print and mail it to:


John G Root Jr, 32 East Street, Petersham, MA  01366


We will contact you to confirm your attendance and provide details for the meeting on Zoom, at which time we will all introduce ourselves to one another and determine when to hold the video Seminar meetings.

By the way, our recommended Myers Briggs Type Indicator Free Test is

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