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What is Money?

Money is what we need to live in our complex society and economy.  Money is power. Money makes the world go round, love of money is the root of all evil and put your money where your mouth are all ways of answering the question What is Money?  Money is the unit of value and means of exchange. It stores value, it is a community identifier and it is an instrument of empire. Money gives us a claim on all the goods and services available in our economy and those with the most money rule.  But do they answer the question of what moeny is, or are those things what money does? It is only when we realize what money is, that we will understand how to break its spell and emancipate ourselves from the tyranny of money. Money is not something that is valuable in itself.  It is an agreement to use something to represent the things that are valuable.  Goods and services are valuable.  You don't want the money you want what the money will buy, you want the power the money gives you to do what you want to do.  Let this sink in. Money is a human invention, a social technology, it is something that we agree to use, or that we must use, to exchange our goods and services.  It exists by agreement or by law, and so it is something that we can change, we can make a new agreement, create a new monetary system, one that serves us all.

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