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More Information on the 'Creating Self-Governing Communities' Seminar


In the seminar, we will get to know ourselves and one another well.  We will use personality tests such as the Myers-Briggs, the Enneagram, and Kingdomality to help us understand ourselves and see clearly the differences between us, and we will ground our being together by learning how to respect the differences and allow our individual uniqueness to guide our explorations into our nature as human beings.


We will explore the better world we all know in our hearts is possible.  We will wonder why it is that we can each describe to one another the ideal social future.  We will imagine community together and revel in the commonality of our ideals.  We will look at our common sense of justice, our desire to do what we can to make sure everyone has what they need to realize their inspiration, their life’s purpose.  We will look at all the ways that society requires that we make compromises and wonder how that is possible when it is so clear to us that we are committed to realizing our ideals.


We will learn how business as usual and the powers that be have created a world in which our consciousness is constantly vacillating between the ideal and reality.  We will take a good hard look at how the underlying ideas of society are causing this vacillation.  We will discover how democracy creates winners and losers and divides us into opposing parties, how the legal system legitimizes injustice, how the banking system creates the ever present fear of scarcity we all live with.  We will learn the history of how and why the world has become as it is.  We will learn who we really are and that the problems we face are not due to our flawed human nature but are systemic, built into the system, built into the consciousness and world view promoted by business as usual and the powers that be.  We will learn who the powers that be are and we will understand their agenda.  We will recognize the technocratic transhumanist totalitarian tiptoe that underlies current events.


When it is clear to us that the 1% own most of the entire wealth of the world, and that the wealth they own was created by the 99% with their lives and labor, we will know that it is not a natural phenomenon, but an engineered one.  We will come to appreciate the wisdom of Thomas Jefferson in the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence and of Buckminster Fuller when he points out:  "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”


We will learn all about the essential elements needed to create the new model.  We will create a culture based on Freedom, we will govern out of our common sense of Justice, and we will create a community in which all of our material needs and desires are provided by our Cooperative and Collaborative efforts.  We will learn how to value and respect both love and freedom by practicing being fully free and self directed so that everything we do may be out of love of the deed in doing it.


We will learn how to dialog with one another, how to use logic, grammar and rhetoric to recognize unambiguous expressions of truth; how to understand objections and contrary views as contributing to the wholeness and integrity of our plans.  We will learn how to develop plans and projects that we can all actively consent to and we will learn how to select the best person to fill the roles we identify as needed for implementation.  We will learn how to organize ourselves in circles with specific aims and how to link the circles into an organic whole in which everything that happens is the result of a voluntary initiative carried out by volunteers.  We will learn that we do not need money.  We will learn that we need an honorable accounting system and community-created credit, that gives us the transparency we need to know that the community is as it should be because we are able to see what we each need to do to make it so.


We will learn all about how our common sense of justice led to the development of Common Law and the tithing with Ten Families and the jural assembly of the Hundred Families and we will learn what a Grand Jury and a petit jury do to ensure justice.  We will learn all about Colonial America and why we, the people, decided we could take on the greatest empire the world had ever known and win.  We will learn why Tom Paine said: “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”   We will learn about the Jeffersonian Ward Republic and how to govern ourselves so that we, the people, are creating the conditions in which we are living.  We will learn all about the nature of money as the primary tool the sovereign uses to create the conditions in which we live.  We will learn that we are all competing to create the best of something, that we are all cooperating to transform nature into useful products and services and that we are using our common sense of justice to assure that everything we do promotes right relations and social and environmental sustainability/regeneration. 


We will learn together how to create Jural Assemblies as self governing intentional communities where we live.  We will become colleagues, able to support each other in the great work of creating the ideal social future, the life-empowering, self-governing, active consent guided Ideal Universal Society.  We will be ready when the existing system collapses under the weight of its excesses and corruptions.  We will be ready to assume the responsibility for ameliorating the chaos and we will provide the means that assure the end we desire.  We will be ready to lead the way into the new world, the world we all know in our hearts is possible!

Join us by filling out the 'Creating Self-Governing Communities' Seminar Seminar Commitment Form. eMail or call me so you can participate in creating the next iteration of the Seminar.


John G Root Jr, 32 East Street, Petersham, MA  01366 and 413 329 3200


We will contact you with the date and time of the first meeting at which time we will all introduce ourselves to one another and determine when to hold the video conference meetings. 

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