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The Seven Liberal Arts  What are the Seven Liberal Arts?


The Trivium: Discovering the Truth

Grammar - The Who What Where When

Logic - Comprehending the situation and applying logic

Rhetoric Communicating the Truth


The Quadrivium The Nature of the world.

Arithmetic - Number

Geometry - Number in space

Music - Number in time

Astronomy - Number in space and time


Think of it as vibrations that describe reality.


Tools of Precision Thinking — Trivium Method; True Learning 🔑

The Trivium Method is the 3-Fold Path of Truth-Discovery. It is how consciousness processes and creates Reality. The word trivium comes from Latin and means "the three paths" or "the place where three roads meet."

Too many people are ensconced in the belief that no truth can be known, that everything is subjective opinion. Nonsense. Truth is objective, and it can be discovered and known by anyone with the desire for it. It will not be given to the masses in any exoteric way (like religion and other dogmatic belief systems), it must be desired and discovered for yourself. The Trivium Method is a tool that can help you in that process, but in order to use it properly and successfully you have to let go of your belief systems. Truth isn't about what you believe, it's about Knowledge. If you know the truth then belief isn't necessary.

"The Trivium is presented to, in the grammar stage, methodically gather raw, factual data into a coherent body of knowledge. Then, in the dialectic or logic stage, to gain understanding of that body by systematically eliminating all found contradictions within it. And, finally, in the rhetoric stage, to wisely express and utilize that valid knowledge and understanding in the real world." – Tragedy & Hope Media

➝ The Occulted Keys of Wisdom 🔑:

Knowledge / Grammar / Input Stage

Gathering all of your raw data/information from an eclectic variety of sources without pre-judging it, without letting any current belief systems edit and criticize it; taking it in objectively. This step answers the "who, what, where, and when."

Understanding / Logic / Processing Stage

Processing and analyzing the information without bias, filtering out any and all logical fallacies and inconsistencies; weeding out the dross, and coming to an understanding of that information as it is; aligning your perceptions with the truth that you've discovered. This step answers the "why."

Wisdom / Rhetoric / Output Stage

After you've gathered your information, processed it and understood it, you must begin speaking it to others as well as helping them go through the same process. True Wisdom isn't just Knowledge, it's Knowledge put into Right Action in the world. This is the "how," the methodology of action.

The information we take in (or don't take in) and understand (or don't understand) is then output through our behavior, and through that behavior and knowledge (or lack of) we manifest our reality. It's a co-creative process. Right now, due to our immense ignorance of Truth and our aggregate immoral behavior as a result of that ignorance, we are creating a reality of suffering and slavery. We need to change that dynamic. Knowledge is required, but then Action is required. Nothing changes magically.

Change in the world MUST begin within. We have to do deep introspection (shadow work), admit our wrongs, start taking in the necessary knowledge, align our Thoughts, Emotions and Actions so there are no contradictions between them, and live our lives in harmony with Natural Law. There's no doctrine to follow, no dogma to subscribe to, nothing you need to believe in (besides yourself), no church or lodge you need to join. It's quite the opposite. It's the abandonment of belief systems and the discovery of Knowledge of the Self and the Universe.

When you've mastered the Trivium and fully understand these common fallacies not only will you have the tools to discover the truth, no one will ever be able to manipulate you. That's why this methodology is no longer taught in any "educational" institute or university. They want us thinking everything is subjective and relative and based on feelings, not logic and reason.

"No human being who is in their center can be hypnotized. No human being... who is being guided, who is close to their intuition, who has a sharp, critical apparatus, who has a sharp sense of judgement – can ever be manipulated; not for any permanent or lasting length of time. They can be diluted temporarily... but it's like a muscle you have to keep on working on; a muscle you have to keep on sharpening." – Michael Tsarion, Architects Of Control (documentary)

Do the Unthinkable – Think!

3 Precision Tools to Perfect Thinking (Trivium)

The Trivium is a process of systematic critical thinking utilized in freeing (liberating) oneself to analyze reality properly from the input of the Five Senses.

The 3 tools are: Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric, functioning in that specific and requisite order:

Grammar: Knowledge – Who, What, Where & When; the building blocks to discerning facts of reality

Logic / Reasoning: Understanding – Why; establishing valid relationships between facts; work of logic is proof

Rhetoric: Wisdom – the application of Knowledge & Understanding; provides the How of a subject

Grammar (the who, what, where, when) is not only the mechanics of language, which is essential, but it is also the use of the language to define information and factual knowledge of objects we encounter in reality.

Existents (external or internal)

Grammar is the "art" of inventing and combining symbols. General grammar is the medium used for communication, like phonetics for combining sounds, spelling for combining letters, and grammar for combining words. Establishing norms ensures a correct form of communication for all to understand, such as the definition of words for everyone to agree upon its meaning. Something is perceived (in objective reality or subjective imagination), and it is given a "name" through a word symbol to communicate about it.

Logic (the why) is the mechanics of processing the data gained through grammatical assessment of reality, removing contradictions through identification of false arguments and analysis of conflicting data, thereby gaining an understanding of the factual knowledge of reality.

Interconnection between existents

Logic is the "art" of thinking. Various things perceived are corresponded and correlated, linked and connected to combine into larger order concepts or constructs upon which to understand existence. Logic assists in directing actions through non-contradictory identification. Thinking is correct by being in equilibrium with reality in order to arrive at various truths. Logic is used to learn and know more about those things first perceived with grammar. To get to the deeper substance of what it means; to validate and verify the definition and identity. Logic includes the law of non-contradiction and law of identity.

Rhetoric (the how) is the use of language to express the knowledge and understanding of reality, to transmit intelligence, to persuade people to a particular perspective.

Communication about existents

Rhetoric is the "art" of communication. The last part of the Trivium uses both former aspects to communicate about those things previously perceived. Logic is the "art of arts", but rhetoric is the "master art" that culminates in the ability to effectively communicate with grammar and logic. Rhetoric has a negative meaning as well, where it can mean manipulation and deception to simply "win" an argument through sophistry or other cunning linguistic arts so as to convince someone of something without much regard for the truth of the matter. This master art can be used for good or ill will.

In simple terms we can think of this as Input => Processing => Output

“What’s more, what happens if we do not have a firewall, virus-scan, and spam-filter running at all times? We lose our choice, as it is in these 3 steps wherein we evaluate and assert our decisions. It is in the turning off of our awareness- through the false creation or attribution of trust- whereby we become controlled” – Trivium Study Guide

We input knowledge (grammar) and process it, analyze it, filter it for contradictions (logic) to gain more understanding, then this gives us the wisdom of how to act so that we can wisely output into the world (rhetoric). Three paths feedback within ourselves and with others. The product of proper thinking is the objective truth, that any can verify with their own thinking.

The three Trivium components are the first of the 7 Liberal Arts and Sciences, with the latter 4 referred to as the Quadrivium: Arithmetic (numbers), Geometry (numbers in space), Music (numbers in time/motion), Astronomy (numbers in space and time). There are more arts and sciences to learn about, but these are the four classical components of the 7 Liberal Arts.

We all feedback into the common external objective reality (existence), while individually processing what we input through our senses in our own internal subjective reality (consciousness). This is how we co-create the human world that exists as a result of our actions.

Thinking is important, it's involved in reading, writing, speaking and listening. The quality of what we read in, will affect what we think about, and possibly what we output in writing or speech. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say. The quality of the information we take in (metaphysics), and the quality of our thinking (epistemology), will guide us in the moral quality of higher, truer, realer life (ethics) we can create.

By learning about the Trivium Methodology, we learn how to think, not what to think. Standards of proper definition of terms to establish a common ground of knowledge can then be followed by critical thinking skills to correct errors in thinking, like fallacies and biases. This can be applied in any endeavor to learn or communicate. Communication gets us to the common ground of understanding something. We "come to terms" by defining the words/terms we use in order to understand each other better.

We can better understand problems or opportunities by critically defining them, and then work to creatively envision a solution or exploit. Rather than automatically accept or reject ideas based on prejudices or preconceptions, we analyze them first to determine their validity.

The Trivium Method represents the natural order of effective thinking. It's how our psychological lives work. This is a basic functionality of higher order consciousness that human animals possess. The degree of functionality in this Trivium Method of thinking and processing reality can be developed further. We walk these three paths in consciousness in order to live. Understanding how we function -- and further developing our capacities of consciousness -- will benefit us not only individually, but collectively as well. With the Trivium Method we can understand more about the "arts" of mind and language.

Anti-intellectualism is on the rise, where being banal and superficial allows one to meld homogeneously with the crowds. There is a definite, intentional dumbing down through schooling and media, where the fundamental tenets of culture such as the sciences and the arts are replaced by style and stupidity based on ego and impulse.

Rather than conforming to the general decline in consciousness one may apply fundamental rules of thought to master one’s grasp of reality, find balance in the cacophony of sensory input our modern world spews forth, and cogitate one’s way forward into higher states of mind!

In our modern society we constantly experience the clash of ideas and ideologies, distractions and diversions. People are so sure of themselves that they needlessly and thoughtlessly bring emotion into arguments, rather than just allowing cool-headed logic to assess facts and factors. People are so uncultured they act as though argumentation implies emotive response!

And we won’t even bring up politics or religion!

People are so enamored by their self-centered viewpoints that they are unable to comprehend that other perspectives may offer some validity, even if to properly understand a situation. Information is refused on the basis of source or difference from opinions held, regardless of its validity. Logical fallacies are taken as fact, allowing one to remain smug in their ignorance.

“Conspiracy theory” is one such convenient tool to insulate oneself from the overwhelming truth which stretches far beyond the average human’s paradigm; a hypnotic command to stifle analytic and acquisitive functions of consciousness.

Naturally there is hope, there is always a way forward. The answer is always at hand, even if we are unable to see it in our present state.

Following are some insights and perspectives to allow your mind to expand naturally. They are yours to use freely, there is no law against thinking… yet!


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