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This is a United States Note.  It was issued during the John F Kennedy administration as money NOT as debt.  It is not a Federal Reserve Note.  This means that it was issued as a receipt for goods or services, rather than as a debt to the privately owned Fed. Appreciating the difference is what this website is all about.  We need to learn about the nature of money, how to issue money, and how to regulate the money supply so that everything that we, the people, agree would be good can be funded.

Understanding Money


Money is the primary tool the sovereign uses to create the conditions in which we live.  When we learn what money is, how to issue money and how to regulate the money supply; and when we learn how to govern ourselves at the level of the ward or precinct, then we, the people will be sovereign and able to fund our ideals for a just and sustainable abundance.

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      Common Good

The Common Good Payment system creates Common Good Communities that decide together what to issue and allocate money for and how to manage the money supply.
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Sociocracy for All

Sociocracy is the governing system that we need if we are to become sovereign. It is both a way to conduct meetings so that everyone's voice matters and it is an organizational structure that builds a participatory community.
Introductory Booklet
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