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About Us


Just Abundance is a not for profit educational charity dedicated to promoting the understanding of money as the primary tool the sovereign uses to create the conditions in which we, the people, live.

John G Root Jr, is the President and main contributor to this website, and he engages with people in the various monetary reform movements to enhance their understanding of money.  Massachusetts Republic dot org and

Credit to the People dot org are good examples of this collaboration.  There are others which are not current priorities.

Why Just Abundance?


The Means Assures the End


Buckminster Fuller pointed out that rather than protesting what we do not like, we should create the new system that does what we do want.  If the new system is successful it will obviate the old system and effect the change we want in an entirely evolutionary, peaceful way.  There is no need for a new American revolution, but there is a pressing need for a new monetary and governance system.

In order to create the new system that we do want we need a socially just monetary and governance system that will enable the people to exercise their unalienable right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by creating a society to benefit everyone.

The existing system is based on the idea that the end justifies the means, whereas we all know that the means assures the end.  If we want a socially just and environmentally sustainable abundance then we must use the means that will give it to us.  Just Abundance offers the ideas, the training and the support any group of people who want to create a society to benefit everyone need to in order to accomplish their aim.  The organizing principle for the society to benefit everyone is community-created credit and sociocracy.  The best community-created credit system is the Common Good Payment system and the best training in Sociocracy is from Sociocracy for All.

Building Common Good Communities based on the Common Good payment system and governed sociocratically are the means that will assure we create a society to benefit everyone.


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