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Just Abundance offers support for implementing community-created credit and sociocracy. 


As soon as you are ready to take action give us a call and we will set up a time to help you develop a plan that will bring real sovereignty to your community. 

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Reform the Federal Reserve System


The American Monetary Institute is the leading proponent of transforming the Federal Reserve into the people's (rather than banking system's) central bank.  Under the NEEDS Act (sponsored by Dennis Kucinich) the People's Central Bank would issue the dollar AS MONEY not as debt to pay for such things as infrastructure, medical care, universal dividend, etc. 

Read the Essay:  National Sovereignty, Reforming the Federal Reserve System to Serve the People.

Public Banking


There is a growing movement to establish publicly owned banks to serve the interests of the people, at the level of the States, Counties, Cities and Universities.  This movement is led by the Public Banking Institute and is making significant progress towards developing the political will to establish public banks that would have as their objective to promote our common wealth. 

Public Banks would not only save the tax payers huge sums of interest and fees, but would be able to lend for purposes and projects private banks would not consider.

Local Sovereignty


Community Created Credit and Sociocracy can be implemented without requiring any political act,  no legislation, permit, license, etc. is needed.  This means that education about community-created credit and sociocracy and inspiring participation is all that is needed to succeed in creating communities all across the country and world devoted to the common good.

The Common Good Payment System and Sociocracy for All are the main resources that assure everyone's success in creating real sovereignty where they live or work.

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