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End Notes Chapter 4



Mondragon Cooperatives 


Evergreen Cooperatives

Evergreen’s Fund for Employee Ownership is a groundbreaking investment fund, designed to create quality jobs through employee ownership while anchoring jobs and wealth in the local community.


Golden Ratio  




Abraham Lincoln

on the subject of Constitutional Money; from an address to Congress in 1865. 


Troy Ounce of Gold 


I am unable to find a link to the article that describes the history of the Troy ounce.  A grain of wheat from the center of the stalk is the origin of the grain as a measure of gold, 480 grains make a Troy Ounce.


Unit Of Time




Water Clock





Christiaan Huygens


Atomic Clocks


Juno Moneta


Cost of Goods Sold


E.C. Riegel


Waldorf Architecture




Environmentally conscious consumer statistics

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